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Pink Pollos BV

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Pink Pollos BV

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Frontend development

We don't just provide front-end developers, we give you Agile virtuosos. Trained by industry veterans, they're ready to dive headfirst into the heart of your product development and user experience. We promise more than code – we deliver creativity, adaptability, and the power of play.

Coaching teams

Our team coaches and Scrum Masters don't just grow teams, they cultivate brilliance. We sharpen minds, inject joy into work, and supercharge teams to conquer any task. We don't just offer coaching, we infuse your team with the spirit of fearlessness, adaptability, and never-ending learning.

Agile guidance

Navigating the Agile landscape can be daunting, but not with us. Our Agile coaches don't just understand the frameworks and modern transition techniques, they're maestros in the symphony of change. We're not just about getting you to the other side, we're about making the journey fruitful, educational, and fun.